Imperial Assault - Volume 1

by Wartorn Records

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A 4-song promotional online split by Wartorn Records. Download it for free. Features bands from India and Pakistan. For more information go to:

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released September 30, 2012



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Wartorn Records

Label for extreme underground metal.

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Track Name: Solar Deity - Raise the Horns
Awaken the centuries to this time
Reign of terror to begin from now
Satan emerges from a sea of blood
Slaying mortals will quench his thirst

People of the blackened kingdom
Look to the sky and their fate they curse
The end of all they believed in is here
Cannot stop it with mere prayers

Seize the children
Teach them all to

Raise the horns
Sing the hymns that praise the One

King of our kingdoms
Call upon the hordes
Our axes thirsty for fresh blood
Demons, raise the horns

As angels die by my sword
Paradise is filled with blood
Humans will perish in chains
Condemned to a life of pain

A world in darkness is engulfed
As we are blessed by Lord Satan
He lifts his heads, his eyes have a gleam
With my devotion He is pleased

Enslave the women
Impregnate them all

Raise the horns
Dedicate your life to evil
Exist for Satan

Obey the Unholy One
Sacrifice all your gods
Demons, raise the horns

From the fountain
Drink the water of wisdom
Knowledge is power
Might is right
Spill the blood

Demons, raise the horns
Track Name: Marwolaeth - Death Lives On...
Paralyzed structure, you can't move and control.
lying oblivious on a land long gone,
Annihilated earth, you're the last one left,
scar ridden wasteland, humanity deprived...

As you lie there helpless, regretting on you life
you useless scum, you were supposed to rot and die
but still you have hope to make out of this alive
a little glint of light in your sinful eyes
right then you move your gaze and watch them rise
an army of the undead, worm infested demise

They creep towards you, in the dead of night
howling death, they come to eat your flesh
Like a corpse you lie there, watching them rip you apart
feeding on your guts, choking on your heart
one of them approached to eat your face
it looked so ugly, he spat on it his puss

and the justice was done to the whole mankind
eaten alive by its own dead kind
Track Name: Purgation - System Impaled
Relinquishing the system
A series of qualms
A feeling of hatred
For the power is in their hands
She was a fraud
Who defined nonchalance
Deprived the poor
And cheated the other half

She went on revelling
Until every single word unveiled
Life imprisonment and immediate deaths
A word with her and her fucking system
She was broke when things turned worse
As the system failed to escape retaliation
Chaos prevailed as her face turned pale
Helpless she was waited for her death

System impaled
Bloody beginnings
The power was snatched
As the cunt was put to death
Track Name: Myosis - The Messiah is Dead, The Messiah is a Lie!
Fetishize conspiracies, eroticize fascism,
Writhe in perverse pleasure at the sight of death.
Be resolute in your path of rape and murder,
Until you come to finally draw your last breath.

Blinded by ideology, seduced by mass-hysteria,
Thought abandoned in favour of paranoia.
Feeding the lust of your blood hungry gods,
Convinced that you serve a higher purpose.

Not knowing who your enemy is,
You go on holding on to useless ideals.
Crippled by poverty, forced to eat shit;
Active participation in your own oppression.

Afraid that you may die a kafir's death,
You sponsor indiscriminate violence.
You seek to cure sexual frustration,
With your blind partisanship and silence.